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1701 A.D. Crack + Serial Key (Updated) (Known as "Anno 1701" in the UK/EU) 1701 A.D. is a unique empire building simulation set in the 17th century. In this third episode of the incredibly successful series, players are immersed in the golden age of exploration and trade, where they set out to discover and inhabit new islands – islands that will soon be home to huge cities. Players are tasked with establishing, expanding and maintaining a flourishing medieval metropolis while interacting with other players through trade, diplomacy or military conflicts. 1701 A.D. presents players with a 3D gaming world bursting with life from the vibrant citizens, to the incredibly varied flora and fauna to detailed animated animals. [Aspyr]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1209
№ игроков 4 Online
Жанр Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Разработчик Related Designs
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