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Atari Revival Crack Plus Serial Number To celebrate the 30th year of Atari, three of the biggest arcade hits of the '80s have been revived, renewed and recreated with colorful 3-D graphics and clever game twists. Each game remains true to the original but now feature even more levels, detailed graphics and power-ups. Are you ready to go for the high score? Repel a relentless alien attack over Earth's cities in Missile Command. Defend your castle's stone walls in a fiery exchange against 3 opposing fortresses in Warlords. Combat is a futuristic tank battle game of hide-and-seek (and destroy!) offering intense head-to-head competition. [Infogrames]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1289
№ игроков 1-4
Жанр Miscellaneous, Compilation
Atari , Infogrames
Разработчик Creature Labs
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