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Dino Island Crack + Activator (Updated) This is one theme park that will never be extinct, letting you mix and match a kind-hearted stegosaurus with a terrifying T-Rex, give him horns and some teeth, and create a custom-made Dino Island resident. But be careful! One or two dinosaurs and a couple of rides don't necessarily mean colossal success. You have to manage the entire park, building and maintaining the dino enclosures, feeding them, and ensuring they are safe and comfortable. You also need to make sure your visitors are getting their money's worth, offering food, shelter and plenty of rest areas and finally, you have to take control of all the details, overseeing the budgets, planning the shows and making sure your restaurants and gift shops are frequent shopping stops. It's up to you to keep the crowds coming in... and the dinosaurs happy! [Strategy First]

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Платформа PC
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Strategy First
Разработчик Monte Cristo Multimedia, Monte Cristo
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