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Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper Crack Plus Activator For the first time ever, the highly-acclaimed Dynasty Warriors series is coming to a whole new battlefield – the PC. With a host of graphical and gameplay enhancements, Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper is the definitive version of this best-selling tactical action game. The 400-year reign of the Han Empire has been brought to an end. The once noble Chinese empire has crumbled into three warring states, all vying for control of a land ruled by chaos. In the fires of battle, legends will be made by those who strive to forge a new dynasty. PC Exclusive Features: The most graphically superior version of the series yet, optimized for PC and featuring higher resolution, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, and more. New dynamic shadows enhance the realism of each battlefield. Twice as many onscreen characters and double the draw distance of previous versions. Bilingual voice option lets you experience the original Japanese dialogue. Improved enemy AI – enemies are fiercer and attack more frequently. [Koei]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1609
№ игроков 1-2
Жанр Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 3D
Разработчик Omega Force
Дата выхода