East Side Story - A Carol Reed Mystery Ключ

East Side Story - A Carol Reed Mystery On her fourth year in Sweden, Carol finally decides to have a long summer vacation, reading novels in her hammock and looking after her allotment. However, her vacation is soon interrupted when she receives a letter from a friend visiting Paris. The person he's travelling with has just gotten a message that a vagrant has been killed in his Swedish apartment, after sneaking in there to sleep. As he can't leave Paris at the moment, he has asked his friend to turn to Carol to find the truth about the strange incident. Starting off with no clues at all, Carol is soon wrapped up in her longest and most complex case to date. [MDNA Games]

Скачать East Side Story - A Carol Reed Mystery Ключ + Кряк

Платформа PC
Скачали 1107
Жанр Adventure, 3D, First-Person, Modern
MDNA Games
Разработчик MDNA Games
Дата выхода

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