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Kreed Crack + Serial Key Download The great war has started... The futuristic world of Kreed is an alternative scenario for the human race's future in the coming 30th century. By that time, human civilization is waging a war against one of the most powerful nations known in Galaxy ? Tiglaary. Tiglaary forces once had almost conquered the Earth and established their power in most of earth colonies. After successful riot that took place in XXIII century, Legion has been formed and managed to push Tiglaary back from Solar system. As nearly the whole Galaxy had become the battlefield, a space anomaly was found, where a lot of spaceships had been lost. Outposts were built around that area named Kreed in order to prevent ships from getting inside. One of the three Legion's Great Masters, Teofrast Rumi, supervised the researches of the anomaly. Suddenly, Rumi fled without any reason, taking all the researchers and troops loyal to him. The secret investigation initiated by the other two Great Masters revealed the facts that he could have been a follower of a religious sect worshipping the Kreed. Afterwards, the evident proofs of his fleeing to Kreed were found. The Great Masters have secretly sent a mission inside the Kreed to locate and punish the betrayer. A spaceship 'Aspero', pretending to be a supply ship for the Allied patrolling forces, should get into the 'Red sector' near the anomaly and then infiltrate the barrier. There will be no way back. [Russobit-M]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1391
Жанр Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Acclaim , Russobit-M
Разработчик Burut Software, Burut Creative Team
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