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Legacy Online Crack Full Version Ever wanted to be master of your own capitalist empire? Whether you are driven by money, power, prestige (or all three), you can stake your claim on the wild frontiers of planets that are ripe for development. Choose your business acquisitions wisely to build a diverse portfolio, from heavy industry to real estate to retail chains or even farming. Your empire will flourish through strategic negotiations with other players - and don't forget the golden rule of location, location, location. Once you amass your fortune, earn prestige with your fellow entrepreneurs by contributing to the community such as building civic institutions, parks, or monuments. With enough prestige points, you can run for Mayor of your city or even President of the planet! With the ultimate success of your empire you can make your mark on history by achieving Legendary Status, the highest honor of all. Beware, capitalist success is highly addictive. [Sega]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1349
№ игроков Massively Multiplayer
Жанр Strategy, Tycoon
Разработчик Oceanus Communications
Дата выхода