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Loki Crack + Activator Download 2021 A journey through four great mythologies, Loki allows the player to take-on the role of one of four heroes: a mighty Norse warrior, a fierce Greek fighter, a powerful Egyptian sorcerer or a skilled Aztec shaman. Each comes from a different mythological background and each has different strengths and skills and, therefore, radically different ways of fighting. During an epic adventure, the player gives battle to a multitude of enemies. Hundreds of creatures and opponents of every kind have been created for the game, so that the player is going to have to fight his/her way past skeletons, giant spiders, centaurs, mummies, harpies, wild animals, a vast array of soldiers, culminating in the showdowns with formidable bosses such as Medusa, Fenrir the wolf or Fafnir the dragon. Each boss has a particular way of fighting so the player must discover his weak points. As the hero(ine) advances through the game he/she isbe able to collect or exchange thousands of items, including 500 unique objects, such as Thor's hammer or Achilles' armour. [Focus Home Interactive]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1440
№ игроков 6 Online
Жанр Role-Playing, Action RPG
Разработчик Cyanide
Дата выхода