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Mars: War Logs Crack With License Key 2021 Mars: War Logs takes you to the red planet over a century after the catastrophe that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid planet with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control. In the middle of this struggle, players take on the role of Roy Temperance, a renegade with multiple talents, and plunge into a thrilling cyberpunk RPG on the Red Planet! Players develop Roy and his combat style by choosing among dozens of skills and perks, and fight for his life in dynamic real-time combat against the fearsome creatures of Mars. The crafting system lets players create and modify equipment to maintain an edge over enemies. Dialogue choices as well as actions and decisions made will influence the destiny of the people Roy crosses paths with...and perhaps the fate of all colonies on Mars.

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Платформа PC
Скачали 3512
Жанр Role-Playing, Action RPG
Focus Home Interactive
Разработчик Spiders
Дата выхода