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Mevo & the Grooveriders Activator Full Version In MEVO's quest to reunite his band, bring back 'FUNK', and defeat the enemy SILENCE, players must successfully progress through five beautifully crafted worlds (Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space and Wormhole), finding avatars along the way that will help our reluctant hero unlock other levels and reach certain scores. Using a simple 2-key tap system (space bar and enter), players tap out the beats to re-energize MEVO and push him forward. As the game progresses, the beat sequences become more complex, evolving from basic single beats to rapid beats, combinations, sequences and long-hold sustains with breaks. By successfully completing the levels, players can access new areas and songs, or be rewarded with in-game items, such as avatar pieces that are needed to activate power-ups. Power-ups include slow mo, shield up, "perfect boost" scoring, and autopilot. No matter what skill level, players are rewarded with avatars, dance packs and badges to help progress through the game. Even though the game is accessible and easy to play for all levels of players, advanced players will be challenged with the game's multiple layers of game play, including hidden levels, power-ups, badges and dance packs. [Steam]

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