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Phantom Brave PC Crack + Activation Code In the year of 921, on the world of Ivoire, in the island cluster called Wisteria, there is a place called Phantom Isle. Here live a 13 years old girl called Marona, she has a special ability to communicate with phantoms, this happened 8 years ago when his parents and a friend died at the talons of a mysterious monster, the Marona's parents used their last breath to revive his friend Ash, but not was enough, now Ash lives between life and death as a ghost and one Marona's guardians. Now they travel all over Wisteria to work as Chromas to earn enough money to buy Phantom Isle. In his aventure she will know as "The Possessed", but with his joy and optimism Marona did not bother. Marona believe in her parent's teachings that "people will one day come to like her as long as she stays compassionate and kind".

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1337
Жанр Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
NIS America
Разработчик Nippon Ichi Software
Дата выхода