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Prototype Crack + Serial Key Download 2021 You are Alex Mercer, the Prototype: a shapeshifter with amazing powers of combat, destruction, and deception. Consume targets for their form and memories to assume a perfect disguise, or instantly transform your body into an array of deadly biological weapons, cutting your way to the heart of the conspiracy forty years in the making. Stalk the streets of New York City, searching for the life you lead before. Take the form of anyone in your path, using an arsenal of identities to confound, exploit or annihilate your enemies. Mankind is your mask. Wage a secret war against factions with complex agendas of their own, out to capture or kill you. They are your greatest threat and the key to the secrets of your past. Confront them, find those responsible and make them pay. Shapeshifting: Attack with brutal and devastating powers; instantly triggering hundreds of power combinations (Attack, Defensive and Sensory). Disguise: Assume the perfect disguise by transforming into any character and assuming the victim's powers, skills and abilities. New York City is your hunting ground! Jam-packed, vibrant, fully interactive city filled with thousands of people and enemies out to destroy you. Delve to the bottom of a conspiracy that has haunted the American government for decades. Who is responsible for your condition? Only you can find out!

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Платформа PC
Скачали 6113
Жанр Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, Open-World
Разработчик Radical Entertainment
Дата выхода