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Space Hack Crack + Keygen Download Space Hack is a sci-fi Action/RPG title with Diablo-inspired gameplay mechanics, presented in real-time 3D graphics. The story puts gamers on a colony transport ship that suddenly gets trapped inside a Black Nebula, but thatГў??s only their first problem. While trapped, they get boarded by aliens that take over the ship and begin to kill and eat the colonists. Playing the role of a tough, gristled ex-military man, gamers will struggle to reach an emergency transport module at the far end of the ship to free the remaining colonists, hacking and slashing their way through hordes of alien creatures along the way. [Meridian4]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1713
№ игроков 1 Player
Жанр Role-Playing, Action RPG
Разработчик Rebelmind
Дата выхода