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Universal Combat Crack + Activation Code Download 2021 Fight anything anywhere anyhow... and by any means necessary! Universal Combat takes you into a seamless universe full of epic space battles, massive ground skirmishes, fierce naval engagements and even tense dogfights above the planet's surface. In solo mode or in multiplayer, in first- or third-person view, play as a marine, a star ship commander with a full crew, or a pilot in the latest space fighter. Universal Combat brings together the greatest components of any war together in a single game. Conceived in late 2001 as Battlecruiser Generations, the fifth title in the long-running Battlecruiser series, during development it morphed into much more than a massive space simulation. As Universal Combat, the new action-based focus, direction and premise of the new incarnation caters to a wider audience of action and space sim fans alike. [DreamCatcher Interactive]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1652
№ игроков 1-64
Жанр Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Civilian
DreamCatcher Interactive
Разработчик 3000AD, Inc.
Дата выхода