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Dive into the Rich Offerings of Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season One

As the current installment of “Call of Duty” gears up for its upcoming DLC Season One, Activision has unveiled a comprehensive roadmap. This includes exciting additions not only for “Modern Warfare III” but also for the ever-popular online sibling, Warzone.

With the launch of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III,” Activision has set the wheels in motion for the first season of its DLC plan. Naturally, this encompasses new content for Warzone, the beloved online counterpart to the main series.

While we’ve known that Season One was on the horizon for some time, the full extent of the roadmap was a mystery. Thanks to the publisher, we now have a detailed overview, and it looks quite extensive. Players can anticipate a mix of free and premium content, covering almost every aspect of the entire package.

Highlights include new modes, weapons, zombie tasks, a Battle Pass, BlackCell, three new multiplayer maps, and… Santa’s Slaughterhouse. Ah, the holiday season’s festivities are simply unbeatable!

For more details, the full breakdown can be found on Activision’s “Call of Duty” blog. But before the Season kicks off on December 6th, scroll down to catch a glimpse of the new trailer and key points.

Modern Warfare III:

Four new multiplayer maps, featuring three fresh 6v6 maps and a 2v2 map with holiday-themed skins alongside other maps launching simultaneously.

Welcome back to Gunfight. Engage in small team tactics, debut on the new training facility map, and four other returning Gunfight arenas.

New game modes. Test your luck in “All or Nothing,” wield a one-shot laser gun against enemies in the limited-time “Vortex,” and more!

Seasonal joy. Later this year, “Modern Warfare III” multiplayer will continue to roll out festive and themed maps and events.

Multiplayer Rankings Begin. Robust, standalone competitive multiplayer mode: Ranked Play returns during the season.

Modern Warfare Zombies:

New storyline. A massive portal has emerged in the exclusion zone. Investigate the area and engage in new apocalyptic game content.

Enter the Dark Aether Rifts. A new maze-like experience challenges squads to complete a series of tasks within a set time. Discover runes to unlock Dark Aether Rifts and reap rewards upon completion.

New wonder weapons, overseers, and more. Wield the V-R11 wonder weapon, discover new blueprint designs, and prepare to breach the fortress of overseer Dokkaebi.


Welcome to Urzikstan. The next large-scale map is about to land in “Call of Duty: Warzone”! Get a terrain overview, along with many new features and updates set to launch as part of Season One.

Continued use of “Call of Duty: Warzone” maps. Players can continue deploying on Ashika Island and Vondel while deploying alongside the new Urzikstan map.

Santa’s Slaughterhouse. Encounter zombie Santa, engage in undead deer hunting, unwrap gifts under the holiday tree, participate in new challenge events, and earn rewards, all while armed with snowballs!

Labor Camp Prison. Urzikstan introduces a new labor camp prison, an ideal redeployment point after facing off against opponents in 1v1 combat. Beyond being a new environment, this prison brings new gameplay updates.

Applicable to Both Games:

Equip yourself with new weapons and aftermarket accessories. Season One brings five free new weapons and nine aftermarket accessories.
New operators: Introducing Nolan and Dokkaebi, the new Season One operators.

Enjoy premium experiences, despite BlackCell. Purchase the BlackCell bundle to unlock the Abolisher operator, an additional Battle Pass, exclusive BlackCell appearance throughout the entire Battle Pass, and more.

Season One Battle Pass. Unlock new operators and a variety of free and premium content on the Season One Battle Pass.

New store products. Embrace the holiday spirit with purchases like the Sand Dune set.

Seasonal progress. Ascend beyond level 55 and enter prestige levels, unlocking new challenge rewards for both multiplayer and zombies.
CDL announcements. Launching with the “Call of Duty League” bundle, showcase your passion for the matches and earn rewards by watching professional players compete starting on December 8th.

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