Exploring Horizon Forbidden West: The Price of Ember – How Much and Where to Pre-order

As the highly acclaimed sequel unfolds, Horizon Forbidden West unveils its first expansion – The Burning Shores. This add-on takes Aloy into the ruins of Los Angeles, where she must employ all her skills to thwart a new mechanical threat. While details about the expansion have been rather sparse since its announcement, avid fans are likely seeking more information about its price and where to pre-order.

Horizon Forbidden West – The Burning Shores Price

The official price for Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shores was only revealed on March 22, coinciding with the commencement of pre-orders. The DLC has also secured a dedicated page on the PlayStation Store.

Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shores Price: $19.99 or equivalent in your local currency.
As of now, you can purchase The Burning Shores on the PS Store for $19.99 or the equivalent in your local currency.

Pre-ordering the DLC grants you access to the Blacktide Dye Outfit, available from the first Dye Merchant, and the Blacktide Sharpshot Bow, obtainable from the first merchant in The Burning Shores.

Developers have hinted that The Burning Shores transports Aloy to the “Tenakth Clan Lands” in the perilous new region to the south, picking up the storyline right where Horizon Forbidden West concluded. New characters, adventures, and more await players in this expansion.

Exploring The Burning Shores

Before delving into the DLC content, players must complete the main storyline. Upon its conclusion, Aloy receives a Focus call that enables her to head south and explore the new region, characterized as a “dangerous new territory.”

Awaiting the Ember’s Glow

As Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shores nears its release, the $19.99 price tag makes it an enticing addition for fans eager to extend their adventure with Aloy. The pre-order bonuses, including the Blacktide Dye Outfit and Sharpshot Bow, add extra allure. As anticipation builds, players must prepare to navigate uncharted lands, face new challenges, and uncover the mysteries that lie in the ruins of Los Angeles.

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