How to Obtain the Exclusive Pigeon in Party Animals

Party Animals is a delightful multiplayer brawler, where you take control of adorable animals in a variety of thrilling mini-games. Despite being a recent release, the game already boasts a diverse lineup of animal characters for you to choose from.

Among the enchanting animal cast in Party Animals, there’s a pigeon, a feathered friend ready to spread its wings and join in the fun. Unfortunately, unlike other characters, you might have noticed this particular animal is not available in the in-game store or the customization options. So, if you’re wondering how to get the pigeon in Party Animals, read on.

Unlocking the Pigeon in Party Animals

The pigeon is one of the exclusive rewards that players could obtain by participating in the October 2020 Party Animals demo event. Alongside the pigeon, players also received 10 Mystery Egg Vouchers for their participation. Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear if this character will be added to the store for purchase by new players in the future.

Some players have reported not receiving the pigeon and eggs despite participating in the 2020 demo. While the cause of this issue is not yet clear, developers have addressed the concern in a Steam post, stating that they are “reaching out to Steam to check on this issue, making sure everyone gets their demo rewards.”

If you’re one of the players affected by this issue, it’s best to be patient. The game has just been released, and during the initial launch, like any major title, there might be minor glitches. In the meantime, you can try unlocking other appearances through upgrades. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with the game’s controls first. Enjoy the party, and may the feathers of the pigeon soon grace your screen!

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