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Joining the Companions in Skyrim: A Warrior’s Guide to Brotherhood

The Companions are the warriors of the Skyrim Fighters Guild, a formidable group proud to be among the mightiest in the realm. Joining their ranks is a direct yet rewarding process. Here’s our guide on how to join the Companions in Skyrim.

Companions Guide Step 1: Make Contact

There are two ways to meet the members for the first time. Their home, Jorrvaskr, a massive structure near Whiterun’s entrance, is the place to be. Joining them requires a visit, and on your way to Whiterun, you might witness them battling a giant near Pelagia Farm. It’s a good idea to lend a hand for a friendly first impression. Helping out earns initial favor with the Companions. If you arrive too late, there’s still a chance for an invitation. In any case, talk to the hunter Aela, and she will invite you to meet at Jorrvaskr.

Companions Guide Step 2: Infiltrate the Inner Circle

The Companions are a tight-knit group, and you’ll gradually learn that. In Jorrvaskr, inquire around, and you’ll be directed to Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane. Asking Kodlak about joining initiates your journey. Your first trial involves a battle with Vilkas, who opposes new members joining. Defeating him earns respect, and he assigns you the next task.

Vilkas tasks the player with delivering a sword to Eorland Gray-Mane for sharpening. Eorland, the main blacksmith at the Skyforge, Skyrim’s reputed steel source, will introduce you to some Companion history. Upon completion, he hands you a shield and instructs you to deliver it to Aela the Huntress. Completing these tasks leads to your initiation ceremony.

Companions Guide Step 3: You’re In, Young One

At this point, the Companions have decided to welcome you into their ranks. You’ll be granted a bed and storage, ready to take on Companion quests. Completing these missions can yield powerful rewards. Becoming a standout among the Companions allows you to harness their formidable strength and resources. However, while working with the Companions, you’ll start to realize there’s an inner circle within this inner circle. It’s known as “the Circle.”

Step 4: Midnight Mass

Here’s a spoiler alert! If you’d rather avoid it, stop reading now. With everything you need to begin, if you continue working with the Companions, you’ll naturally encounter what I’m about to discuss. Last warning!

“The Circle” has a secret—they are all werewolves. You might discover this when Silver Hand werewolf hunters attack Farkas. After witnessing this, you can inquire about werewolves and eventually become one yourself after some progression. After gaining trust, “the Circle” offers you a chance to join them. To become a full-fledged member of the Companions, you don’t have to go down this path, but you must make a choice to continue forward.

That concludes our guide on how to join the Companions in Skyrim! If you found this article helpful, check out our guides on joining the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild, or perhaps you’re interested in obtaining some powerful weapons early on (ones the Companions might not approve of)! If a quieter life appeals to you, we also have guides on farming, fishing, and more!

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