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Skyrim Guide: Early Wealth Strategies

In Skyrim, gold is the ultimate ruler, even if you’re Dragonborn. Hard work and perseverance will take you far, but they won’t make you rich. If you’re aiming to amass a fortune in Skyrim, you need to take matters into your own hands. There are numerous ways to earn gold in Skyrim—will you become an honest trader, or will you profit from less savory methods? Here’s our guide on how to quickly make money in Skyrim.

Step 1: Blessings and Prosperity

The first order of business is to make your way to Riften. Depart from the city, pass by the stables, and follow the road between two guard towers. As the road reaches the base of a mountain and enters a wide area, you’ll see a large fortress ahead. Look to your right, and you’ll spot some ruins on a small hill. Climb up, deal with the giant spider, and see what you find. This is a shrine to Zenithar.

On the table, you’ll find some gold—don’t hesitate to take it. More importantly, there are two items: an Amulet of Zenithar and the shrine itself. Wearing the amulet provides a 10% better price bonus for both buying and selling. Activating the shrine grants a similar bonus, giving you a total of a 20% boost. The shrine’s blessing lasts for eight hours, so be sure to return regularly and pray before important transactions. Let Zenithar guide you on your path to wealth in Skyrim; he won’t lead you astray.

Step 2: Crypt Mining

Now that you have a means to increase the value of items, let’s discuss what to sell. Selling treasures and unwanted gear is always a decent source of income, but we want to find something more specific and focused on making money. This is where the “Transmute” spell comes in. It’s an advanced-level spell, requiring at least a forty-level skill in Alteration.

To obtain this spell, head to Whiterun. North of the city gates, you’ll find a bandit camp. When you come across the “Halted Stream Camp,” you’ll know you’re in the right place. It’s advisable to clear out this camp, deal with the bandits, and secure some breathing room for yourself.

Behind the camp, there’s a door leading to an interior hideout. Another guard resides here—eliminate him and grab his key. While you’re here, you might also want to pick up a pickaxe from the floor; it will be essential later on.

This key opens the door to the next area, so use it and follow the corridor. In the next room, you’ll encounter the bandit chief and his two lackeys. Deal with them, then search the room. There’s plenty of valuable loot to grab, but our eyes are set on a particular book.

Towards the back-left of the room, there’s a table with a stack of books. In a less conspicuous space between them lies the book “Transmute Mineral Ore.” Pick up the book and read it to learn the spell—simple as that.

Step 3: Turning a Profit

As mentioned earlier, using this spell requires a considerable level of Alteration, but the results are well worth it. The spell’s effect transforms iron ore into silver ore and silver ore into gold ore. Yes, you read that correctly—Skyrim’s philosopher’s stone.

Armed with these tools, you can turn common iron ore into gold, selling it at a 20% premium. If one could do this in real life, they’d become an overnight billionaire. Therefore, strive to increase your Alteration skill, improve your Speech skill for better negotiations, and become the wealthiest Dragonborn in Skyrim’s history.

This concludes our guide on how to roll in gold in Skyrim—hope it helps! We have other Skyrim guides, such as how to get married, start fishing, and obtain powerful weapons early on. You can also check out our guides for warrior, mage, and thief builds. Happy adventuring!

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