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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – Roulette Guide: Red or Black Choices and All Answers

In the expansive realm of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, numerous distinctive elements enhance the gaming experience, and the roulette table scene is undoubtedly one of them. Your mission: acquire the distinct personalities of the infamous criminal twins, Aurore and Aymeric. With various choices to navigate, a guide for the roulette in Cyberpunk 2077 is essential.

Best Dialogue Choices at the Roulette Table in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

While engaging in conversation at the table, maintaining a good rapport with the twins is crucial. Below, I’ve outlined the winning bets for quick reference. Still, you can win all bets while enjoying the comprehensive guide.

For the initial choices, I recommend starting by conversing with Aymeric, delving into the character’s background with a casual “How’s it going?” Afterward, when chatting with Aurore, choose the main option to order a drink. You can opt for any drink, but I went with the “Same as the lady” choice to ensure a positive impression on Aurore. Of course, some choices are inconsequential.

However, choose black for the bet in this section.

Opt for the option “Conscience Ain’t Spotless, that’s sure.” Aurore seems to appreciate this. At this point, there’s another bet choice. In terms of dialogue, you can safely bet on red here, specifically on “Seems I interrupted something just now.” This secures another winning bet for this section, and Aurore will come over to chat with you. Following that bet, engage in another one, choosing to bet on red again, correlated with the option “Didn’t mean to be rude.”

Opinions on Kurt Hansen (Who is Kurt Hansen, Exactly?)

In the bets leading up to your choices regarding Hansen, choose black as your bet and win in this round. I personally chose “Not an upstanding citizen,” which works well for getting a 47% behavioral imprint from Aurore. After this, choose black again in the subsequent bets. There’s another choice related to Aymeric’s commentary.

You can opt for “Audacity your calling card” or “Charmin’ little show”; both work.

Kurt Hansen’s Business Approach

Following this, choose to bet on red. Aymeric will also start discussing Kurt’s business approach, and when you have a choice, I suggest selecting “Owning Dogtown’s one helluva bargaining chip.” This results in no negative reactions, and Aymeric will start talking candidly.

Other choices, like “Naive and Shortsighted, your approach,” also get the behavioral imprint to 47%.

Honest Folks

The next choices in terms of bets are inconsequential. The dialogue options lead to the same results and Aymeric’s conversation. If you want a winning bet, choose to bet on black in this section, writing “Guessin’ you got no respect for upright honest peeps.”

About V

When the twins inquire about you, I chose “V, a merc from beyond the grave.” After all, we’ve surely completed many missions for rewards! This is a time-sensitive choice, so be sure to select quickly.

All or Nothing” – Betting on Red or Black?

This is the final bet at the roulette table, and you can actually win it. What you want to choose is black, which is the winning bet. Congratulations on completing this part of the mission! However, if you choose red, the outcome doesn’t change significantly. It just means you won’t get extra cash, and Hansen’s dialogue will alter slightly.

All Winning Bets on the Roulette Table in Phantom Liberty

If you’re planning to replay the Phantom Liberty DLC, having a comprehensive list of winning bets will be extremely useful for swiftly navigating dialogues without worry. Here is every bet you placed on the table, and you won them all. After leaving the roulette, you can cash in your winnings, acquiring over 100,000 eddies.

It’s wise to keep track of whether you won the final bet because in a certain high-risk, high-reward story mission in the expansion, you’ll need to know. Regardless, winning the bets is undoubtedly the preferable choice—who can resist the occasional extra eddy?

Now that you’re well-versed in everything about the roulette game with the twins in Phantom Liberty, go ahead and collect those behavioral imprints and enjoy the ride!

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