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A Guide to Finding the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen

If you’re aiming to craft a hellish build in Lords of the Fallen, seeking out a merchant can be the most potent way to empower yourself from the get-go. Known as the Tormented Prisoner or the inferno vendor, this elusive figure is your ticket to early-game empowerment. This guide will walk you through how to find the inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen.

Locating the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen

To unlock the inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen, players need to follow a series of steps. Each step will be detailed in this guide, and you can use our handy table of contents to jump to specific sections if you’ve already completed a step.

Step 1 – Find the Key to the Sky Rest Bridge

The first step in unlocking the inferno vendor involves locating the Key to the Sky Rest Bridge. Players can start this journey from the ruins of Chabui, exiting the sanctuary and taking a right towards a ladder leading to a lower platform where they’ll find the key.

Continue forward in this area until you reach an elevator. At the top, you’ll find the back door to Sky Rest, which requires a key to enter. Move through the door, continue until you reach the end of a corridor seemingly leading to nowhere. On your right, there’s an unreachable platform.

Use your Dark Lantern to create a path to the lower platform below once you’ve glanced at your Dark Lantern, stopping the usage after you safely land.

Next, switch to Dark Lantern mode until you reach a massive skull bridge. In the middle of this bridge, you’ll find a Dark Lantern Corpus. Use Soulburst on it to obtain the Key to the Sky Rest Bridge.

Take the key back to the door you passed earlier (near the elevator), open it to unlock access to the back door of Sky Rest.

Step 2 – Acquire the Burning Indictment Item

Your next task is to acquire the Burning Indictment item found in the room you just entered through the door unlocked with the Key to the Sky Rest Bridge. In this room, switch to Dark Lantern mode, and you’ll notice a ladder leading upwards (indicated by a red arrow in the illustration).

At the top of this ladder, there’s a Dark Lantern Entity blocking your path, so you’ll need to find three Soulburst targets in this area by following the veins of the Dark Lantern Entity.

Once you’ve cleared all three Soulburst targets and removed the obstruction, you’ll obtain the Burning Indictment by using Soulburst on the Dark Lantern Corpus.

After obtaining the Burning Indictment item, ascend the stairs and enter the same room. Here, you’ll find the Tormented Prisoner inside a cage. Engage in a conversation with her twice and choose to hand over the Burning Indictment.

She will mumble some words, and that’s it. Subsequently, rest at any sanctuary and return to the location where you fought Pietta (the first boss in the game). She’ll be waiting at the entrance to the arena. Initiate a conversation with her, and she’ll be immensely grateful, opening her shop for you to purchase Hell spells, armor, and items!

Everything Sold by the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen

The Tormented Prisoner provides an array of equipment, offering a solid starting point for a Hell build in the early game. Here’s a list of all the items in the inventory of the Tormented Prisoner when first unlocked.

  • Scorching Heretic Staff (Weapon)
  • Scorching Heretic Catalyst (Catalyst)
  • Hellfire Orb (Spell)
  • Devouring Flame (Spell)
  • Searing Finger (Item)
  • Scorching Heretic Hood (Armor)
  • Scorching Heretic Gloves (Armor)
  • Scorching Heretic Leggings (Armor)
  • Scorching Heretic Robe (Armor)

It’s currently uncertain if the Tormented Prisoner will add items as you progress through the game, but considering the dynamic inventories of other merchants, it’s a possibility.

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