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Elden Ring: Unraveling the Kenneth Side Quest

In the realm of Elden Ring, version 1.03 brought forth a fix to the Kenneth side quest, unlocking its mysteries for players. Before diving into the details of how to initiate and complete the Kenneth side quest, let’s delve into the backstory of this intriguing narrative.

Background Story

In Elden Ring, each side quest holds its own lore, and the Kenneth questline is no exception. Kenneth, a self-proclaimed heir to the legitimate rule of Limgrave, carries himself with an air of arrogance typical of politicians. But can players choose to end his existence? Upon their initial encounter, players are tasked with clearing a fortress, with a reward promised in return. Perhaps enduring the trials of a day filled with death might be a more fitting reward? Let’s explore further.

Quest Initiation

Players should embark on their journey to Limgrave’s Artist’s Hut, located near the Murkwater Cave area. From there, they need to head towards the nearby bridge, where they’ll find the young Kenneth. Engage in the aforementioned conversation to set the stage for the unfolding events.

Fort Haight Showdown

Next, players will find Kenneth at Fort Haight in the eastern part of Limgrave, awaiting their arrival after defeating the enemies within. Upon reaching the pinnacle of the fort, players will be privy to Kenneth’s mocking remarks about Godrick’s failed rule.

Godrick’s Old Throne Hall

With Godrick presumably defeated at this point, players should proceed to Godrick’s Old Throne Hall, where Kenneth awaits. Ready to bestow the Erdsteel Dagger upon the player, Kenneth pledges to grant a title once he reclaims Fort Haight.


The Kenneth side quest in Elden Ring adds layers to the overarching narrative, offering players a choice in how they navigate the political landscape of Limgrave. As players embark on this quest, the twists and turns of Kenneth’s story create a captivating experience within the expansive world of Elden Ring.

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