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Elden Ring: Unveiling the Ds Brothers’ Quest

In the vast expanse of the Eternal City in Elden Ring, seekers of the elusive Ds brothers need only venture north to the central isle within Nokron’s Siofra Aqueduct. Here lies the beginning of an extraordinary journey. This guide will navigate you through the intricacies of awakening Ds, and obtaining the coveted Twinned Armor.

Locating Ds Brothers

Finding the Ds brothers is a straightforward task—head to the Eternal City and proceed to the central isle in the far north within Nokron’s Siofra Aqueduct. This can be achieved by navigating to the northeast corner of the Eternal City.

Initiating Interaction

To initiate interaction with Elden Ring’s Ds brothers, players must awaken them. This can’t be achieved through brute force or any other violent antics. Players must possess the Ds Twinned Armor to gently guide them into wakefulness.

Finding Twinned Armor

Locating D, the Hunter of the Dead, and acquiring the Twinned Armor is a crucial step. Players can easily find D by taking the eastward path leading to Summonwater Village. Alternatively, they can head north from the Artist’s Hut near Limgrave for added convenience.

D can be found standing over a mourning corpse, cautioning players against venturing eastward, as the town is infested with “Soul Wraiths.” He will also mark a “Gateway of Despair” on the player’s map, guiding them to the Beast-priests.

Obtaining Twinned Armor

Players now face a choice: engage in combat with D, the Hunter of the Dead, and defeat him to obtain the Twinned Armor set, or present him with Fia’s Worn Dagger. Opting for the latter allows Fia to execute him, fulfilling two quests in one stroke—an exemplary display of Elden Ring’s unique camaraderie.

Fia’s questline, initiated by finding her in Roundtable Hold, is lengthy but grants players access to the Rune of Death’s Healing, provided they possess the Curse Mark of Death. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Both methods lead to the acquisition of the complete Twinned Armor set. Players who choose Fia’s Worn Dagger route should consider reloading the area after handing it to D, transforming him into a lootable corpse.


With the Twinned Armor in hand, return to the Ds brothers and offer the set. This final act will break the chains of their prolonged slumber, concluding a captivating chapter in the Elden Ring saga.

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