Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Resources and Strategies Guide

Similar to its predecessors, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers various resources to earn. However, unlocking and upgrading suits, tech, and gadgets require a substantial amount of tech parts, city tokens, hero tokens, and rare tech parts.

Different suits, tech, and gadgets unlock progressively based on your level and story progression. In the initial hours of the game, you should already have all five gadgets—Impact Burst, Bounce Web, Vault, Web Shooter, and Web Mesh.

However, advancing your level is necessary to unlock different upgrades for each gadget, and spending the mentioned resources to use them. The same goes for suit tech nodes, although at least you can wear any suit you like, as suit tech upgrades are universal.

Let’s delve into the various methods to earn tech parts, rare tech parts, and tokens needed for upgrades.

Earning Tech Parts

Tech parts can be found in tech crates scattered across the world map. Blue crates contain regular tech parts, while yellow crates contain rare tech parts. Whenever you’re close to a tech crate, it emits a signal. Scan the surroundings, and you should be able to spot it through walls.

You can also obtain 100 tech parts from Spider-Bots, each providing a decent amount of experience. They can also be earned by revealing Hunter’s hideouts, defeating unidentified targets, and thwarting randomly occurring crimes.

Keep an eye out for all these while exploring, and when you reach level 21, unlock the “Full Vision Suit Tech” upgrade. It displays icons for tech crates and Spider-Bots on the mini-map. They won’t appear on the world map, and you still have to figure out how to reach them, but it should narrow down their locations.

Earning City Tokens

City tokens are acquired by completing requests at Brooklyn Visions Academy (as Miles), photo opportunities, and memories of Marco. Marco’s memories won’t appear immediately; you first need to defeat Sandman as part of the story. Once they appear, clear them, and you’ll earn city tokens.

Earning Hero Tokens

Hero tokens can be obtained by completing “Inferno” and Museum missions, clearing Hunter bases, and Symbiote Nests. You can also earn them through rhythm-based Miracle puzzles, with additional hero token rewards for achieving a certain score. Given that many of these activities also reward unlockables like new suits, it’s worthwhile to complete them.

Considering all the suits, gadgets, suit tech, and upgrades, there’s a lot to unlock, even beyond level 60. You don’t need all of these to complete the story, but there are plenty of goals to strive for.

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