Navigating the Weighty Woes in Starfield: A Guide

Carrying the load has always been a hallmark of Bethesda Game Studios’ games over the decades, and Starfield is no exception. With nearly every object in the world up for grabs, it’s almost inevitable to exceed the weight limit before you even manage your inventory. This Starfield guide will help you break free from your hoarding habits.

Embrace It

One practical approach to solving the weight issue is to do nothing—accept it. You won’t directly die from being overweight. All that happens is your oxygen depletes faster, and it only occurs when you’re sprinting at full speed. Moreover, it mainly results in an accumulation of carbon dioxide, reducing your health and blurring your vision only when the maximum limit is reached. Micromanaging the rapid oxygen loss during running through strolls or rest can help complete the challenge of “Using All Available Oxygen XX Times.”

Backpack Mule Companions

Utilize your companions for equipment trading, conveniently handing over things you don’t need in your inventory, especially when far from your spaceship. Unfortunately, when it comes to crafting and research, their inventory isn’t considered a shared pool with your various storage systems. So, be sure to retrieve all items from them upon returning to the spaceship and store them in your cargo hold.

Spaceship Cargo Hold

Once safely back on the spaceship, make use of the cargo holds and the captain’s locker. While they both have maximum weight capacities, they certainly surpass what you can carry yourself. Due to item persistence, it’s entirely possible to stash items around the spaceship deck casually. The “Payload” skill under the Tech tree can help increase your cargo capacity, though early investment in this skill might not be worth it.

Trade for Profit

Dispose of junk as much as possible using trade terminals and other vendors. The value in credits will be handy and significantly alleviate the burden on both you and your spaceship. Try to avoid selling crafting resources, as you will eventually research and manufacture items, both of which require a considerable amount of materials.


Until you have your own outpost, “lodgings” will be a frequent stop, making use of its workbench. So, why not also utilize its bottomless storage box? It’s an ideal spot for resources you won’t need while traveling. There’s a storage box in your room and another one in the basement.

Skill Up

Invest in the Weightlifting skill so that you can carry more weight as you level up, steadily increasing until you have an extra resistance of one hundred kilograms. This should be a late-game choice, as skill points are better spent elsewhere, like investing in security skills to enhance lockpicking abilities.

Aid Items

UC Combat Ration Multipacks are a good intermittent emergency choice, especially in situations where being overweight limits your mobility during a firefight. This ration provides an extra eight minutes of carrying capacity while restoring twenty health points.

Ditch the Dead Weight

Break the habit. Abandoning outright junk is always an option. Simply select items in your inventory and drop them on the ground.

These are all the measures you can take in Starfield to put an end to the persistent weight problem.

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