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Element4l Crack With License Key Element4l is a moody and experimental platform game, with a strong focus on flow and smooth gameplay, wrapped in an exceptional soundtrack by MindTree In Element4l, you control the state of your character to find your way through a dreamy underworld. Your only hindrances are nature and the sun. It takes a different, experimental approach to classic platform games and challenges you to rearrange your reflexes. The state-changing, physics-based gameplay invites all ages to think logically, and reveals that pressing the right button at the right time, is often more rewarding than mashing buttons. Just when you thought pressing the left button would make your character go left, Element4l crushes this doctrine. Just don't expect an easy platformer. The first time you play element4l, you will struggle... just like the first time you've learned how to ride a bike.

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1625
Жанр Action, Platformer, 2D
Разработчик i-illusions
Дата выхода