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Ignite Crack With Activation Code In Ignite every race is different. Each race brings something new as you try winning the race by using any of the strategies or switch between them during the race. The key factor in the game is the SCORE. You collect score while racing. Every stunt that you perform will award you with a certain number of score. Hitting objects, driving fast, drifting they all give you a certain number of score. When you reach 1000 you can burn away your score as nitro thus getting an edge over the others. If you are in the lead you can hit more objects thus gather more score. However hitting objects may cause you to make a mistake and crash into something that is immovable. If you can be patient and gather more than 2000 score, your nitro will be even stronger. Another tactic is to select one of the super cars which are fast and have a good traction. In this case you won't gather that much score but most probably you won't need it because you don't need nitro to stay ahead. Another way to win is to gather your score and never burn it since at the end all score points are converted to time and is subtracted from your overall time and you may jump ahead the winner.

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