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Orion: Dino Horde Crack + Activation Code (Also released as "ORION: Dino Beatdown") ORION: Dino Beatdown is an Open World, Class-Based Cooperative Survival Sci-Fi FPS. The game puts five players together in huge, endless environments in which they must work together to accomplish objectives and survive the devastating Dinosaur horde. Players earn in-game credits which can be used to upgrade their abilities, purchase new weapons, unlock weapon upgrades and call in vehicles in order to ensure survival. Experience the future as never before. Make use of Jetpacks, Medic Guns, Cloaking Devices and equip yourself with state-of-the-art weapons ranging from Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Laser Rifles. If that isnt enough then simply tear up the environments in a number of vehicles ranging from Hover Bikes, Buggies, Mechs, Tanks and VTOLs.

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Платформа PC
Скачали 4332
Жанр Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Spiral Game Studios
Разработчик Spiral Game Studios
Дата выхода