Pro Cycling Manager Season 2007: Le Tour de France Ключ

Pro Cycling Manager Season 2007: Le Tour de France (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Pro Cycling Manager/Le Tour de France 2007 gives you an opportunity to compete in the greatest international cycling competitions. In charge of one of 60 official teams available in the game, you control your team’s tactics and strategies for 180 real-time 3D races. As directeur sportif [DS], you are also be responsible for managing your team, signing contracts, equipment, transfers, scheduling, training, and everything else that makes up a working day for a pro team manager. The accurately represented Tour de France, with its intensity-filled stages, its electric mood in the mountains, its massive sprints, and its breakaways, forms one of the highlights of the game. The Cyanide team outdid itself to offer you an edition that is rich in innovations and enhancements to immerse the player deeper and deeper into the realism.In its management piece, the well-known career mode has been updated with a new, much more intuitive interface, a new transfer system, a new simulation engine, new features for recruiters… as many elements mirroring the actual pro competition organisation so as to put you in the shoes of a real team manager. In its real-time simulation portion, Pro Cycling Manager 2007’s gameplay becomes even more polished and refined. It offers new racing possibilities and improved Artificial Intelligence to create more diverse behaviour for a realistic gaming experience. Combined with graphical effects and gameplay animations using new shaders, shadowing systems, and new textures, this new edition further intensifies the feeling of being immersed, putting the player into the heart of the action. [Focus Home Interactive]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1116
№ игроков 1 Player
Жанр Sports, Alternative, Individual, Biking
Focus Home Interactive
Разработчик Cyanide
Дата выхода

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