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The X-Files Game Three years ago, when Fox Interactive first approached us about being involved with this project I almost turned them down. I had never seen an episode of the series and wasn't too keen on the idea of working on a project connected with a TV show. That changed as soon as I saw my first episode - the creative possibilites just exploded in my imagination. The hook was set. From that point on we fought like crazy, first to get the project and then to keep it alive. I'm sure glad we did. It's been the most challenging, frustrating, scariest, coolest thing I've ever done. It's pushed us as a company to go beyond even what we thought was possible and it's allowed us to push the boundary of what a computer game can be. [Greg Roach, Hyperbole Studios]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 867
№ игроков 1 Player
Жанр Adventure, 3D, First-Person, Modern
Fox Interactive
Разработчик HyperBole Studios
Дата выхода

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