Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure Ключ

Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure (Also known as "Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner") Riding his horse out somewhere in the Wild West, our hero, Fenimore Fillmore comes to a place where some farmers have settled down. A powerful rancher, lord and master of the whole area, wants to get rid of the farmers, who he sees as invaders of name of the evil rancher, has a small army of gunmen and thugs, who spend their time threatening and terrifying the farmers, who are few in number and poorly armed. Fenimore, of course, will side with the weakest and will help them take on Starek. After going to a meeting on the farmers, where they tell him about their problems, Fenimore knows what he must do and he feels it even more keenly when he's checked out the whole area, visiting the village, which is also under Starek's control. The sheriff, the banker, the station master and the others all work for the same boss, which means that Fenimore won't be able to count on them, in fact just the opposite, he'll have to take them all on. There's just one person apart from Fenimore on the farmers' side and that the wicked Starek's own niece, a beautiful girl called Rhiannon, who works, against her uncle's wishes, as teacher of the farmers' children. Fenimore, of course, falls straightaway under the spell of the girl, which gives him a good reason to fight even harder for the farmers. Fenimore faces up to endless trials, both great and small as he tries to defend them, taking on Starek's men, first in a fist fight in the village and later with his gun in an ambush. In short: non-stop action, humor, a range of tough but amusing sitations, and all with the unmistakable flabor of the Wild West. [Revistronic]

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Платформа PC
Скачали 1372
№ игроков 1 Player
Жанр Action Adventure, Adventure, Historic, Point-and-Click
The Adventure Company
Разработчик Revistonic, Revistronic
Дата выхода

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